• Welcome to eXodus gaming. A community focused on bringing gamers together to share good times.


EU & US Community

eXodus gaming community for gamers throughout the US and EU regions with plans to expand across the globe.

Weekly Scheduled Events

eXodus is focused on bringing gamers together in the form of scheduled and weekly events. Enjoy the fun times!

Competitive Matches

Want to be part of a competitive team? eXodus game in a broad multitude of popular titles among PC gamers.

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Fancy a go at being a member of team eXodus? Well head on over to our Join Us page for further instructions.

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What games do we play?

We play em all!

eXodus gaming community is suited for both the competitive and non-competitive gamer. We host events suited both to the competitive gamer that want to test their metal against like minded people and the casual player, focusing on fun, enjoyment and a slightly more ‘chill’ atmosphere. The games below aren’t exhausted! Far from it! Our members play all sorts from Crusader Kings, to Total War Series and much much more!

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