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Exodus Launches Board Games

Board Games are amazingly good fun! Upon trialing out a board games session every now and then and receiving lots of positive feedback, we have decided to implement Board Games as a CORE gaming section to Exodus!This means that we'll be preparing lots of new, cool events for members to attend to on a weekly and regular basis. At the moment we are running Mansions of Madness, Journeys in Middle Earth, Secret Hitler, The Mind each and every week and with more members joining this exciting area of Exodus, these events will continue to grow and flourish!We are using Tabletop…

by eXodus
9 September 2021

Exodus Reborn

Exodus is a community passion project formed by a group of gamers looking to put their best foot forward in making what we known and love today.ย However it is true that Exodus has been in a stronger position compared to it's former self. Hell Let Loose, being the primary game that the community was formed on, has taken a recent dive in the competitive scene and many original and founding members aren't happy with the direction the game is going. The burnout from the HLL Seasonal led to a drop in concurrent player numbers and activity.ย This has led to a…

by eXodus
13 June 2021

New [HLL] Match Up & Coming with (20th.PzG)

We have a brand-new Hell Let Loose match setup on Saturday 19th June 2021 with the 20th.PzG team! Don't forget to sign up to the event. The match will consist of an 18 vs 18 play style over 1 objective for 30 minutes each. Good luck to everyone playing! Give it your all !  

by eXodus
7 June 2021

[EXD] are Hell Let Loose Tournament Winners!

Well played to everyone in for winning the HLL Seasonal Tournament! Well played to everyone in for putting in the time, effort and energy to lead to victory in the HLL Seasonal tournament! To celebrate the teams achievement and to go through some of the data, managed to overcome 2nd, 3rd and 4th place opponents. The final match was against (WTH) an experienced Hell Let Loose clan. Soon capturing the mid-objective first, managed to hold the mid-objective for the entire 90 minute game. (WTH) put up a bloody hard fight and almost lost it towards the end when (WTH) amassed…

by eXodus
1 May 2021

[EXD] Win Against phx.

played a fantastic game against and 116 in the first HLL Seasonal clan battle. Huge thanks to and 116 for the turnout!!

by eXodus
23 January 2021

[EXD] Lose Against [LS]

played a fantastic game against (Lost Squad). Huge thanks to !

by eXodus
17 January 2021

[EXD] Win Against [WAR]

Exodus win against ! Thank you to all those that showed up to the clan match. Huge appreciation and respect to all players who played!

by eXodus
15 January 2021

New Year, New Website!

Brand New Exodus Website! Happy New Year to you all! 2020 has been tough for many of us, particularly ones who have been affected by coronavirus with family, health etc. As we enter into 2021 we have some very exciting plans for the community along. One of these updates is the website, which has been fully upgraded and styled to bring the design to a more 2021 standard. "Out with the old, in with the new..."Within the website we've made some changes to the Events section which now features a more intuitive and simpler / easier to understand match system,…

by eXodus
1 January 2021

[EXD] Win Against (6thAB)

win their first Squad clan match against (6thAB)

by eXodus
13 December 2020

[EXD] Win Against [ARC]

Massive Thanks to for coming along to the clan match! were playing as the Allies team on Hill 400. were a full team tonight! The game almost lasted the full 90 minutes. captured the first middle objective (Hill 400) and then 15 minutes after, took over Train Wreck. The next 60 minutes was spent taking the last objective Paper Mill in a meatgrind type fashion. Great work and all of the team! Particular shout outs to NinjaPulver and BleicherJunge for tactical preparation. Furthermore, JohnnyDoint for all of the organisation for the training sessions. What a special team we have got…

by eXodus
28 November 2020
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