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[EXD] Win Against [1stAL]

Massive Thanks to and other clans for jumping into clan match. fought well on Purple Heart Lane against and other clans. Huge thanks to who continued with the event even though they unfortunately had some members drop out at last minute but managed to secure spots with a mixture of other clans in Hell Let Loose. Match ended 5-0 with taking all objectives in 18 minutes.

Avatar by eXodus
10 October 2020

[EXD] Have Entered the VR Master League

With Virtual Reality picking up some great traction in recent months, both from the of the up and coming G2 Reverb and the newly released Star Wars Squadrons, are primed to see some fantastic VR action over the course of the Winter season. With multiple clan VR scrims that have been played in the last few weeks, the team are starting to gel well. We still have a long way to go in terms of the physical aptitude that some of the more professional teams exert, however with the dedication and passion that many of our members hold for in…

Avatar by eXodus
6 October 2020

Big Thanks to ALL Clans – Battle of Foy Event

Massive Thanks to ALL who participated! successfully hosted their first, custom made Hell Let Loose game inviting some fantastic communities and clans in the Hell Let Loose community. On behalf of all of we'd like to thank you for the clans that participated and submitted feedback for the next revision of the event! We received constructive and very helpful feedback. Overall the battle was intense - Allies really had it tough trying to push over open fields in Foy. The Axis had their defenses nailed down. In the next revision we'll be looking at a 'no fire zone' and a…

Avatar by eXodus
28 September 2020

[EXD] Win against [TGF]

Massive Thanks to & for the 40 vs 40 match against us. The battle took place on Foy Map. eXodus Gaming were playing as the Axis team. We played 1 round of Axis on Foy, winning the game. Thanks again to all of the troops that have turned up to training and making this event happen! Hope to battle against in the future! Big shout out to Maj Winters for helping to organise the event!

Avatar by eXodus
20 September 2020

[EXD] Win against HLL.PL

Massive Thanks to HLL.PL for organising the 42 vs 42 match against us. have 'officially' won their first clan match! Big shoutout to Tur from HLL.PL who setup the map, gave clear rules and directions on when to join in. It was an absolute pleasure to play against a clan that were organised and friendly. eXodus Gaming were playing as the Allies team on St Marie Du Mont. We played 2 rounds of Allies on St Marie Du Mont, winning both games. Thanks again to all of the troops that have turned up to training! Hope to battle against HLL.PL…

Avatar by eXodus
7 September 2020

The Battle of Foy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owRz0JnD_Vk&feature=emb_title THE BATTLE OF FOY 8PM CET 25.09.2020 EVENT INFO An all out 50 vs 50 battle between Axis and Allies around the centre of Foy. The Axis have 20 minutes to setup defenses and protect their 2 repair stations inside of Foy at all cost.

Avatar by eXodus
4 September 2020

Multi-Clan Scrim Event

Massive Thanks to ALL who are participating are hosting their now SECOND multi-clan non-official battle against a multitude of other Hell Let Loose clans! Thank you to all of the Hell Let Loose clans that have signed up and been generally good sports in the setup of the event. Special thanks to those who managed to drop in at the last minute. We hope to setup regular events like these going forward and connect with Hell Let Loose clans over the course of the coming months.

Avatar by eXodus
28 August 2020

[EXD] First Ever VR Clan Match

Team eXodus are going to battle on Saturday 29th August 2020 against team Sheesh in Onward, a virtual reality (VR) military simulator.

Avatar by eXodus
18 August 2020

Graphic Tweaks [Update 7]

Hell Let Loose requires a serious amount of PC performance power to run smoothly. Here we document / detail some of the key graphical tweaks to make it run as smooth as possible.

Avatar by eXodus
9 August 2020
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