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author image by eXodus | 0 Comments | 1 May 2021

Well played to everyone in [EXD] for winning the HLL Seasonal Tournament!

Well played to everyone in [EXD] for putting in the time, effort and energy to lead [EXD] to victory in the HLL Seasonal tournament! To celebrate the teams achievement and to go through some of the data, [EXD] managed to overcome 2nd, 3rd and 4th place opponents.

The final match was against (WTH) an experienced Hell Let Loose clan. Soon capturing the mid-objective first, [EXD] managed to hold the mid-objective for the entire 90 minute game. (WTH) put up a bloody hard fight and [EXD] almost lost it towards the end when (WTH) amassed a final push onto the middle objective. They started to capture the middle objective, but it was too late and the timer went down to 0 with [EXD] holding onto the victory.

Special thanks to all of the training organisers, the creation of detailed tactics, recruitment and the Admin team of [EXD] who really put their best leg forward to deliver us the victory.

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