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author image by eXodus | 1 Comment | 17 January 2021

EXD Lose to Hell Let Loose in [LS]

Wow wee! What a game that was. Huge thanks for [LS] (Lost Squad) who won in the full 90 minutes 3 – 2. We played on St Mere Eglise, [EXD] were playing Axis and [LS] were playing Allies.ย 

[EXD] managed to secure the first objective at the first part of the game. A hard battle was fought over Cementary which [EXD] took over and took over within 30 minutes in the game. [EXD] held cementary for 30 minutes whilst [EXD] tried to push the last objective, Russeu De Ferme. During this time, [LS] mounted an attack and managed to re-secure Cementary and then 8 minutes at the end of the game, secured Hospice.ย 

[EXD] was just re-capping Hospice at the end (half capped) but the win goes to [LS]!

ย Huge thanks for [LS] – that was a fantastic game! Good Game!

Look forward to battling you in the Hell Let Loose tournament.ย 


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