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author image by eXodus | 0 Comments | 28 November 2020

Massive Thanks to [ARC] for coming along to the clan match!

[EXD] were playing as the Allies team on Hill 400. [EXD] were a full team tonight!

The game almost lasted the full 90 minutes. [EXD] captured the first middle objective (Hill 400) and then 15 minutes after, [EXD] took over Train Wreck. The next 60 minutes was spent taking the last objective Paper Mill in a meatgrind type fashion.

Great work [EXD] and all of the team! Particular shout outs to [EXD] NinjaPulver and [EXD] BleicherJunge for tactical preparation. Furthermore, [EXD] JohnnyDoint for all of the organisation for the training sessions. What a special team we have got here!

Cheers from team eXodus!

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