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author image by eXodus | 0 Comments | 23 January 2021

EXD Win against [PHX] & 116 in Hell Let Loose Battle

A fantastic game yet again in Exodus first seasonal Hell Let Loose battle!

[EXD] put forward their best troops for the day and what a game it turned out to be! The map played was Utah and EXD was playing Allies whilst [PHX] and 116 were playing Axis team. 

The moment we loaded into the map, we saw the setup. All objectives were right at the top of the map – Tare Green, AA Battery, WN4, Sunken Bridge, Mammut Radar. All in one horizontal straight line of objectives. 

The game was a complete and utter meatgrind. The moment we met each other over the middle objective, that was it. The meatiness flowed through for an entire 1 hour and 20 minute game in which Exodus manage to secure the last objective winning 5:0. 

A great start to the HLL Seasonal and we’d like to say a huge thanks for [PHX] and 116 for the battle tonight!

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