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  • Welcome to eXodus gaming. A community focused on bringing gamers together to share good times.

Exodus is a community passion project formed by a group of gamers looking to put their best foot forward in making [EXD] what we known and love today.


However it is true that Exodus has been in a stronger position compared to it’s former self. Hell Let Loose, being the primary game that the community was formed on, has taken a recent dive in the competitive scene and many original and founding members aren’t happy with the direction the game is going. The burnout from the HLL Seasonal led to a drop in concurrent player numbers and activity.


This has led to a lack of leadership, a lack of direction and almost a lack of existence for why Exodus was created in the first place.


Well now that is about to change. A rebirth is coming.


Exodus is undergoing a restructure within the Administration team. With many of the team finding new opportunities, the re-structuring of Exodus will work towards ensuring a fluid and flexible gaming community for the foreseeable.


The restructure will see the administration team split into 4 main areas:

eXodus STRUCTURE Cont.

The leaders are forming mini teams in Exodus who’ll be contributing to the core aspects of a gaming community. Each leader will be pushing forward Exodus within their team, deploying new ideas, new admins and ensure that their section of the community is ran effectively. 


The Head Peasant will guide and steer the ship with the other leaders who are the guys behind Exodus going forward. 


The Leaders will direct, manage, set the culture and be involved with their teams, pushing forward their sections in Exodus, deploying great gaming events, tip top servers and a great community to be part of. 


The Admins will be part of their teams, closely working together to ensure that as a team, they’re contributing and putting forward their best foot to ensure Exodus is continuing to move in the right direction.

eXodus TEAM


    • [EXD] Glovey
    • [EXD] FriendlyShark
    • [EXD] OctoBear
    • [EXD] 
    • [EXD] Gimli The Drunk


    • [EXD] Gimli The Drunk
    • (Team is recruiting)


    • [EXD] FriendlyShark & [EXD]
    • [EXD] Fergie
    • [EXD] Elwahir
    • [EXD] Sinners
    • [EXD] Juninho
    • [EXD] Boom
    • [EXD] Baron Lactosa2
    • [EXD] Evilmarksman
    • [EXD] Sinners
    • [EXD] Juninho
    • [EXD] Nitelite
    • [EXD] TeddybearXD_nl
    • (Team is recruiting)


    • [EXD] OctoBear
    • [EXD] Sinners
    • [EXD] GeneralOcto
    • [EXD] Baron Lactosa2
    • [EXD] EvilMarksman
    • [EXD] Cotex
    • [EXD] Fergie
    • [EXD] Babygroot
    • [EXD] Nightjar
    • (Team is recruiting)
eXodus GAMES

We understand that games come and go. As a gaming community, our focus will always be on games that help contribute towards the growth of a community. 


Dedicated servers is just one area of supporting communities. Games that feature a higher population cap is another. This is why our continued direction will be focused on a few ‘CORE’ games, whilst games that we all love and enjoy on a more ‘part’ time basis will feature in our ‘OTHER’ category. 


Events will be focused across all games where possible and all games in the ‘OTHER‘ category will most likely change more regularly than before. However our ‘CORE‘ games will be our primary focus for the foreseeable. 


Games are just part of the puzzle bringing ourselves together and sharing in the good times. 



  • 2 populated servers in Europe.
  • Creation of a competitive team. 
  • Deployment of 2 weekly events.
  • Creation of a tournament / competitive league.
  • Role & recognition system.
  • Focus on fun, community spirit. 
  • Casual team and competitive teams.
  • 2 populated servers in Europe.
  • Creation of a competitive team. 
  • Deployment of 2 weekly events.
  • Focus on fun, community spirit. 
  • Attend a competitive tournament.
  • Become recognised in Squad community.
  • Custom server for mods / fun events.
  • Expansion into BF 2042.
  • Review progress from there.
  • Expansion into Burning Lands.
  • Review progress from there.
  • Expansion into 83.
  • Review progress from there.

Exodus culture is changing. Our culture is to generate the same feeling of going to the pub with your mates. Hanging around together, enjoying games, participating in events. A community needs to have a culture defined to ensure that visitors who know and understand what Exodus is all about. 


  • Focus Areas
    • Regular weekly gaming events. 
    • Be kind, fair and let your hair down.
    • Play competitively.
    • Get to know one another.


A gaming community is as good as you put in. Without the energy and effort by admins and members, a community becomes stale. 


It will be presented that everyone joining [EXD] is there to help contribute to the community in their own way and manner.


We’re excited to deliver these changes and community goals going forward. 

I hope you can be part of the process and enjoy your time in a passionate, positive gaming community focused on core values.

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