• Welcome to eXodus gaming. A community focused on bringing gamers together to share good times.

Who are eXodus?

Welcome to Exodus [EXD] Gaming. A community focused on creating weekly gaming events combined with a friendly and supportive atmosphere for gamers who are looking for a schedule.

Exodus was founded by a group of experienced PC Gamers who have participated in various eSports events, competitive gameplay and knowledge of running communities and groups in the past.

What games do we play?

Apply to Join

Want to try yourself at a competitive game? Battle against other clans? Experience cutting edge gaming tactics?ย Apply to join in 3 easy steps.


JOIN EXODUS DISCORD:ย Click on THIS LINK to join the Exodus Discord.ย 


#JOIN-US:ย In Discord, accept the #RULES and then look for the #JOIN-US channel.ย 


FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS:ย In the #JOIN-US channel, follow the instructions and a member of the recruitment team will be in touch.ย 

Core Rules

  • # Racism is NOT tolerated at all.
  • # Discrimination is NOT tolerated at all.
  • # To Regularly Play Games.
  • # Be Chill & Respectful.
  • # Be Helpful, Kind, Committed.ย 
  • # To Speak English
  • # To be over 18 years of age.

Member Benefits

  • # FREE VIP Server Slots
  • # Attend Kick Ass Events
  • # To Share The Good Times
  • # [EXD] Gamer Tags!
  • # Meet New Buddies
  • # Member Only Giveaways!
  • # Competitive Gaming
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