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All Wings, Report In To Exodus...

eXodus gaming enjoy Star Wars Squadrons, playing regularly with friends looking to better themselves. We are a clan that plays Star Wars Squadrons, a starfighter combat game set in the story of Star Wars. This first-person multiplayer space battles are a great way to flex with friends as you pull off those cool moves with your squad mates. 

eXodus gaming who regularly partake in weekly training sessions are looking to recruit extra players into the game and to join the ranks of setting up some competitive teams! 

Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a first-person multiplayer space battle game published by EA Games. Two teams of 5 vs 5 battle against one another in a ‘dogfight’ type scenario. Pilots who enlist will step right into the view of the legendary starfighters and view first hand from inside the cockpit. Both the New Republic and Imperial Fleet factions are available to play in this strategically orientated FPS / RTS type game. 

Pilots triumph with teamwork – without it, you’ll soon be blasted off into space. Maps which includes Yavin Prime and the shattered moon of Galitan and with bubbling rumours that there are more to come is going to keep Squadrons fresh for many months to come!

  • Master Legendary Starfighters
  • Live Your Star Wars Pilot Fantasy
  • Strategy & Tactics are key
  • VR Supported (eXodus are big VR supporters)

Star Wars Squadrons System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor (AMD): Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Processor (Intel): Intel i7-7700
  • Memory: 16GB
  • Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon RX 480 or Equivalent
  • Graphics Card (Nvidia): GeForce GTX 1060 or Equivalent
  • DirectX: 11.1
  • Multiplayer Online Connection Requirements: 512 Kbps or faster Internet connection
  • Hard Drive Space: 40GB

Join The [EXD] Community

Want to try yourself at a competitive game? Battle against other clans? Experience cutting edge gaming tactics? Apply to join in 3 easy steps.


JOIN EXODUS DISCORD: Click on THIS LINK to join the Exodus Discord. 


#RECRUIT-SIGN-UP: In Discord, look for the #RECRUIT-SIGN-UP channel. 


FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: In the #RECRUIT-SIGN-UP channel, follow the instructions and a member of the recruitment team will be in touch. 
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