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82ND [82AD]

82ND [82AD]
  • Germany


We are an inclusive gaming community founded on the principles of camaraderie, communication, teamwork and respect for others. We draw inspiration from the tales of valor and companionship shown by the 82nd Airborne Division during key battles on the Western Front of WW2 and the award winning TV show โ€œBand of Brothersโ€, the setting for Hell Let Loose.

Our inclusive gaming community, focused around our popular Hell Let Loose public community server, [82AD] Band of Brothers, welcomes all fellow gamers from newcomers to veterans to enjoy the game how itโ€™s meant to be played. We are a rapidly growing gaming community with exciting plans for the future in Hell Let Loose! Come join us on our public HLL server: [82AD] Band of Brothers and recreate history.


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