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Exodus is a community of gamers and gaming should always be about funwithout pressure or drama. The founding members all met in a community where pressure and drama were a common daily theme.

EXODUS was created with a shared that a community is only as strong as its members and the structure that brings them together. This began the development of EXODUS, a community that shares their own core values and winning mentality, while making sure every single member matters and has a voice that will be heard.

Created in July 2020, Exodus was designed from the start as a unique package of competitive gaming and fun times. Every new member is more than welcome to step up and add his piece to the community in his own way. It can include creating events for the community to participate in, bring new games to the spotlight or simply have fun playing video games socially.

Initially intended as a competitive clan for Hell Let Loose, a WWII MP FPS, the group soon branched out to include any other game that supports multiplayer, competitive or cooperative setups. When there is community-wide support, Exodus will strive for excellence and play competitively to achieve total dominance over the cyber battlefield.



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